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The most authentic Uzbek Restaurant in NYC

Uzbek cuisine which is a significant part of their culture and tradition is known across the world for its mouthwatering flavors and fragrances. Uzbekistan which is also an integral part of Central Asia has become one of the most sought after places for travel and tourism. Their food habits have been shaped by the weather conditions. A country dotted with mountains and deserts, fertile valleys were found in plenty which resulted in the cultivation of grain and livestock. Hence their foods mainly consisted of meats and different types of grains that were not only healthy but when teamed up with other ingredients and cooked well, also augmented the taste of the items manifold.

The availability of fruits and vegetables determined the items that were served during both summer and winter. Due to an abundance of fruits like watermelons, apricots, apples, pomegranates, lemons, cherries, watermelons etc fresh fruits found their way into the summer menus. The same was for vegetables that were found in great abundance like yellow carrots, different varieties of pumpkin, cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes and so on and so forth. In winter dried fruits and vegetables were mostly preferred. Besides these noodles and pastas were also eaten in chilly weather.

You may be surprised to know that Uzbek dishes are not fiery and hot, in spite of being essentially delicious. Some the most commonly used spices are black cumin, barberries, red and black peppers, coriander, and sesame seeds while the herbs used are cilantro (fresh coriander), parsley dill, basil etc. Other seasonings like wine vinegar, are also generously applied to salads and marinades, and also fermented milk products.

This explains why Uzbek cuisine has traveled all the way across the seas to enter the citadel of the world’s most celebrated food destination – New York. The city is swarming with Uzbek restaurants that claim to serve the most authentic Uzbek cuisine. The ready availability of all the above ingredients in New York, has resulted in the mushrooming of these Uzbek restaurants. But if you are really looking for a restaurant that is Uzbek to its core not only in terms of food, but also in terms of the ambience – drop in to 1001 Nights. The restaurant will not disappoint you. An atmosphere that exudes a Central Asian flavor with the finely decorated walls each describing a tale from Persian folklore pictorially with a fair dose of hookah and belly dancing which are an intrinsic part of the Central Asian culture, it is perhaps the only place in New York which is like a mini Central Asia packed into an Uzbek restaurant.

And as one of the most sought after Uzbek restaurants in NYC, we serve items like Wedding pilaf “Toi Osh”, Samsa from tandoor, Puff Samsa, Parmuda Samsa, Salad “Tashkent”, Pilaf “Chaikhansky”, Kaorma Lagman etc. So now you know in order to get a taste of Central Asian cuisine, you don’t have to visit places like Uzbekistan etc. You can drop in to 1001 Nights, the most authentic Uzbek restaurant in NYC or simply order your preferences over phone and they will be delivered at your doorstep. Also note that the items are quite reasonably priced and hence they fit your budget perfectly. So how about throwing a party at an Uzbek restaurant in NYC?

So you can visit our restaurant any day from 12.00 pm, book your reservation over phone (718-646-1001) or by filling out a simple form.

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