“For all my kingdom and my goods and possessions are at thy service.”
-- From the story of Jullanar by the Sea breitling replica
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35 Neptune Avenue
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A flavorful assortment of Hookah on 1001’s Menu

1001 Nights is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves a gourmet spread of Middle Eastern delicacies in the heart of the world’s most happening food destinations - New York. It has an eclectic atmosphere peppered with artworks from Central Asia. Apart from the food and ambience the Middle Eastern feel of the restaurant can also be attributed to belly dancing – the traditional dance form from this part of the world.  Another aspect of the restaurant that makes it one of the most sought after is the Hookah lounge with a huge variety of menu exuding aromatic flavors.

March, 28 – The 1001 Nights restaurant is happy to announce the ever increasing popularity of its Hookah Lounge which boasts of a huge variety of Menu. Available in different flavors like watermelon, apple, orange, sweet melon, pineapple, peach, mango etc, the menu has really caught the fancy of both young and old.

Hookah also known as ‘water pipe’ is originally from India, and has become popular in Middle East and is spreading its wings in other parts of the world like South America, North America, Australia and Europe as well. In Middle East, the Hookah is widely referred to as Shisha or Narghila or Argeela. The word Nargeela has been derived from the Persian world ‘Narghile’  which means coconut. This again has its origin in Sanskrit where coconut is referred to as ‘narikela’. The reference to coconut can be attributed to the fact that in the earlier days Hookahs were made out of coconut shells.

The mechanism of the ‘Hookah’ is a rather interesting one. A multi-stemmed object divided into several parts, the bottom of the instrument is filled with water and the down stem immersed in it. The topmost part of the stem called the head or bowl is then wrapped in a perforated foil sheet or metal screen. The bowl is now filled with tobacco and the charcoal placed on top of the foil sheet or metal screen. The latter causes the former to heat up resulting in smoke. When a person sucks through the hose, more heat is generated which causes smoke to be produced profusely. The smoke which travels down the stem is cooled and filtered after passing through water.  

The Hookahs have undergone transformation in terms design and make. The modern ones are lighter compared to their traditional counterparts and also available in multiple colors. Unlike the traditional Hookahs the modern ones are machine made and also easy to install.

The Hookah Lounge at the 1001 Nights restaurant has all the ingredients to make your evenings delightful and fun filled. So now is the perfect time to puff your evenings away to glory!


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