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Best middle eastern restaurant
35 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
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Spice up your platter with cuisines from Central Asia!

Tucked away on Neptune Avenue in New York’s Brooklyn Area, 1001 Nights offers some of the most delectable Middle Eastern cuisines. The ambience of this restaurant is another important factor that makes it one of the most sought after places not only among people from the Middle East but among the Westerners as well. Thanks to a wide variety of flavorful items from the kitchens of Middle East that makes diving into any dish at this restaurant a gastronomical delight.

Middle Eastern cuisine is primarily based on healthy foods like vegetables, nuts, fruits, lean meat, rice etc. But other ingredients that also find their way into the food items normally consist of olives, greens, fine meats, grilled fish, tandoor baked bread and many others. Besides the health factor, Middle Eastern cuisines are known all over the world for their rich aroma and unforgettable flavors.

You can check out some of the most authentic and decadent Middle Eastern dishes at 1001 Nights. We have a wide array of categories from where you can select your pick. Some of the categories are cold appetizers, salads, soups, hot appetizers, shish-kebabs, traditional dishes, fish dishes, side dishes and also pre-order dishes. Under each category we have for you a whole range of lip-smacking delicacies. All these dishes are prepared by our Master Chef. We roped him when he arrived in New York from the Middle East. What attracted us to him was the versatility and the élan with which he was doling out Uzbeki dishes in the world’s most happening food destination. New York as we all know is a colorful pot-pourri of cultural traditions. So in a place like this offering something unique is not easy. But our Master Chef has been consistently fascinating people with his exemplary culinary skills since his arrival.

This Middle Eastern restaurant opens up a whole new world before your eyes. With the ambience and the décor soaked in the Middle Eastern spirit, it transports you into a world of the Persian folk tales. A perfect place to enjoy the savories of West Asia, 1001 Nights is like a little Middle East sprinkled finely over the vast expanse of a cosmopolitan New York.

So you can visit our restaurant any day from 12.00 pm, book your reservation over phone (718-646-1001) or by filling out a simple form.

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