Hot Appetizers

Hot Appetizers

  • Baked puff pastry filled with meat, onions and mediterranean spices

    NEW Wedding Samsa
  • Baked puff pastry filled with pumpkin, onions and mediterranean spices

  • 3.95

    Thinly rolled dough stuffed with your choice of meat or herb fillings, folded and briefly cooked on a griddle

  • 9.95

    Four large steamed or fried, juicy dumplings filled with meat, onions and aromatic spices

  • 8.50

    Steamed, thin sheets of dough are filled with diced potatoes and onions. Served with a thick tomato sauce

  • Fried handmade small meat dumplings served with caramelized sauteed onions

  • Delicious, thinly-rolled fillo dough, filled with feta cheese and herbs

  • 10.95

    Tender young lamb with rice wrapped in fresh grape leaves; served with yogurt sauce

  • Pan fried cubes of veal liver seasoned with mediterranean spices

  • Grilled chicken fillet on bamboo skewers with sweet chili sauce

  • Golden and crispy calamari rings served with homemade sauce

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