“Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are.”
-- Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin rolex replica watches
Best middle eastern restaurant
35 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
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Best belly dancing restaurant NYC

 Herewith we begin the tale of 1001 replica watches Nights, where 14th Century Central Asian culture comes to life within this mystical locale of Persian folklore. 

Inspired by the collection of Central  Asian folk tales,
   this unique restaurant embarked upon their new adventure on Neptune Avenue, amid the land of prosperity in New York City.

Whether you come by camel or by magical red carpet, 1001 Nights Restaurant is a symbolic and charming eatery where many new stories shall begin; a place where many friends will gather and feast upon the tender shishkebabs and grilled seafood created by world renowned Chef. 

Along with it cometh spirited folk tales to be iwc replica enjoyed over the hookah, with belly dancers raising hips in song to entertain diners.

Welcome to 1001 Nights. Our tale has just begun!  O’ guest of honor, into our humbly decadent castle! 

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