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Central Asian Cuisine

What does the very mention of Central Asia conjure up in the mind? It reminds us of grand, stately palaces and fortresses decked up with opulent chandeliers and artifacts epitomizing a picture straight out of a Persian folklore. The walls too are decorated with bizarre paintings that depict the cultural traditions of this region vividly.

The countries which comprise Central Asia today are mostly those which were a part of USSR before 1991. These are Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Apart from the Persian folklores, the other thing that puts Central Asia on the global map is its colorful palate. The Central Asian cuisine is known all over the world for its variety and sumptuousness because the dishes are made painstakingly with some of the chosen spices from around this region which give them a flavorful taste and aroma. The food habits of this region have been greatly influenced by the weather and climatic conditions. Since the region was mountainous and mostly arid, the winters were extremely cold and the summers unbearably hot. Therefore the foods of people belonging to this region majorly consisted of the meat of lambs, horses, goat etc. The soil conditions of Central Asia also favored the growth of rice and hence the latter along with meat became a staple diet for people living in this part of the world.

Years of experimentation have gone into modifying the items into their present state and giving them the stature they so rightfully deserve in the diverse landscape of world cuisine. It’s indeed worth exploring the Middle Eastern items that have gained entry into the world’s most renowned food hub – New York. The place can boast of a fair amount of restaurants that offer Central Asian cuisine. But 1001 Nights with an ambience that is so authentic in its feel and peppered with doses of entertainment in the form of belly dancing, is the most sought after place for Central Asian cuisine in the whole of New York. We serve a gourmet delight that consist of rice, grilled fish, tandoor baked bread, traditional spices, greens, samosa, pilaf, shish-kebab, Middle Eastern sea-food and so on and so forth. It is not only one of the best places to eat in Brooklyn, but also one of the most happening places to be in if you are planning to throw an outdoor party.

Apart from the culinary delights and a vibrant atmosphere soaked in the Middle Eastern spirit, it is also a perfect place to enjoy hookah, a traditional way of smoking popular in the Middle Eastern region. The 1001 Nights restaurant is no doubt a wonderful place to enjoy your meal  with close friends and family. But you can also invite us to special occasions like wedding ceremonies, spiritual festivities, reunions, holiday celebrations, birthdays, memorial services and so on if you want to tuck into the Middle Eastern delicacies.

So you can visit our restaurant any day from 12.00 pm, book your reservation over phone (718-646-1001) or by filling out a simple form.

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